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Halloween Styling

October 12, 2023

As Halloween approaches, it’s natural to want to infuse your home with festive ghosts and goblins. However, if you’re a fan of minimalistic and stylish decor, the idea of turning your living space into a haunted house might not be appealing. Fortunately, you can embrace the Halloween spirit without sacrificing your design aesthetics. Here are some creative ways to style a media console, sideboard or buffet.

  1. Choose a limited color palette. Start by choosing a few colors that compliment your current decor. We prefer to stick to muted colors like taupe, white, metallics with a pop of black.This will create a cohesive look and maintain the minimalist vibe.
  2. Candles. Flickering light can instantly add that spooky feel so grab yourself an oversized candle to add to your space (we did a black candle from anthropologie).
  3. Subtle Halloween Art. If it is easy to do we love swapping out brighter art pieces for something a big moodier. In this space we changed the frame tv picture to a landscape, in our color palette, with some spooky ghosts sprinkled in.
  4. Books. We swapped beach themed coffee table books for faux books about fortune telling and spirits. Again we kept these within our cream, and black color palette. 
  5. Skulls + Eyeballs. To step up the holiday spirit we added a couple of faux skulls and a bowl full of eyeballs for an unexpected touch. Adding a glass cloche over one of the skulls creates a more styled look.

By carefully curating your decor with a tailored color palette, subtle Halloween accents and unexpected art, you can create a sophisticated and inviting space that welcomes in the guests and ghosts. 

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