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Thanksgiving Table

November 9, 2023

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and express gratitude for all the things we have to be thankful for. To set the mood for our gathering this year we created a festive Thanksgiving table that adds warmth and organic elements for a memorable meal. Here is our step by step guide to get the same look for your home.

  1. Start by creating a neutral palette. Shades of white, cream, beige and brass will provide a clean and timeless backdrop for your table decor. 
  2. We created a lush centerpiece using fresh greenery. We started with eucalyptus and layered in fall branches arranging them in a cascading manner. The vibrant greenery will add a touch of freshness to your table. 
  3. Pumpkins are the quintessential fall decor so we layered in varying sizes and neutral colors on top of the greenery. We scattered in some figs and artichokes to top off the organic fall feel.
  4. White dishes are one of our favorite styling tricks. Crisp white dishes keep the focus on the natural elements and your greenery centerpiece. The white dishes provide a clean canvas for the food and allow the other elements to shine. 
  5. Neutral napkins with a holder in soft brass create another layer on top of the white dishes. We love using a linen or cotton napkin for a relaxed look.
  6. We are all about setting the mood with candlelight. A warm marble candle holder with a tan candle blends with the other neutral decor and gives off an ambient light for your meal.

Complete the look with simple, elegant glassware and silverware. By combining fresh greenery, pumpkins, figs, artichokes, neutral napkins, brass accents and white dishes you can create a Thanksgiving table that’s both welcoming and elegant.  Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for creating a memorable and beautiful celebration of gratitude with your loved ones.

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