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Spice Up Your Spice Drawer

May 12, 2023

With the warmer temperatures and blooming flowers we can feel spring slowly peeking around the corner. We started our spring cleaning off right this year by tackling the spice drawer. It was a mess of different sized bottles and labels that made finding anything a challenge. 

Did you know that spices have an expiration date? Make sure you check the bottles and throw anything out that has expired before you start organizing. 

  1. Uniform Jars : We went with a clear jar with a white lid for a clean and simple look. 
  2. Pretty Labels : Nothing makes our hearts happier than clean, legible labels. With a cohesive look it makes it easier to find what you are looking for and makes you want to stare lovingly at your spice drawer all day.
  3. Make sure to write the expiration date on the back label of the new bottles so you know when it is time to replace the spices. 

You can put this same method to use in the rest of your kitchen, finding clear organizational bins and labeling them with uniform labels can change your entire mood when opening up doors and drawers in your kitchen. 

Cluttered, messy spaces can feel overwhelming and cause unneeded frustration when you need to make a meal or find something you’ve been looking for. We suggest picking one small area or drawer at a time to tackle your spring cleaning. Picking an area you use most like your kitchen and then moving room by room and choosing small spaces to work your way through is the most effective method of organizing and we often use that when installing items in our clients homes. Choose one space and finish it before moving on to the next area. When everything has a clearly labeled place it will be easier to maintain. 

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