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Media Console Styling

April 23, 2024

We are going to break down two stylish ways to elevate your TV console. Not only is a TV console a functional piece of furniture but it is also an opportunity to showcase your personal style and elevate the feel of your living room. With a few strategic styling choices, you can transform this often overlooked space into a focal point that enhances your home. Here are two ways to style a TV console.

Style 1.

  1. We started with two woven textured frames to create a diagonal line from the top of the frame to the center of the console. 
  2. Next we layered in a stack of books with a decorative object on top. We like to keep this grouping lower than the frames. 
  3. On the other side we did a marble round tray with a delicious smelling candle (it is actually our all time favorite Heirloom Tomato Candle from our shop) and a little thing of matches. 
  4. To finish it off we added a potted plant that is about the same height as the frames. 

Style 2

  1. For this style we started it off with a potted plant. We love the organic shape the plant adds to the look.
  2. Next we added the round marble tray with the candle. 
  3. In the center of the console we put a decorative box. These are actually the perfect place to store unsightly remotes.
  4. To balance out the look we added two larger scale vases on the side. Again they are about the same height as the potted plant to round out the design. 

Whatever option you choose, the key to styling your TV console is to balance functionality with aesthetics and to infuse the space with your own personal style. Experiment with different arrangements and accessories until you find the perfect combination that reflects your taste. If you are in need of more inspiration come check out our shop for all your home decor needs!

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