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Washed Linen Collection

January 25, 2024

At Bungalow 56 we are thrilled to unveil our latest collection of washed linen furniture. This exquisite line features a range of chairs, sofas and banquettes, each meticulously crafted in the USA to bring a touch of casual luxury to your living space.

Embracing the Beauty of Linen

Linen, which is known for its timeless elegance and natural characteristics, takes center stage in this collection. We’ve curated a selection of pieces that harness the organic appeal of linen, elevating your home with a sense of understated sophistication.

A Natural Palette for Every Home

Our Washed Linen Collection is designed with versatility in mind. The pieces seamlessly blend into any interior with a thoughtfully chosen natural palette. From muted earthy tones to soft neutrals, each color is selected to create a harmonious atmosphere in your living spaces.

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