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Kitchen Pendants

December 18, 2023

We always feel like the pendants in a kitchen design are the jewelry of the space. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home choosing the right lighting can make or break the space. We put together some key considerations to help you select the perfect pendants for your kitchen.

  1. Define your style. Begin by identifying your kitchens style. Whether it’s modern, traditional or eclectic your pendant choice can really amplify that aesthetic. We also like to decide if we want the pendant to blend with our selections or be a bold pop.
  2. Size & Scale. For longer islands we like to do three pendants and for smaller islands two is perfect. If you have the ceiling height you can play with the height of the pendant. We like the hang our pendants at least 30″-36″ off the island.
  3. Material. This is our favorite part of selecting pendants. It is a great way to tie together other materials in the space. We like to tie in the cabinet hardware finish in the pendants as well. Coordinating the color and style with other elements in the kitchen creates a cohesive look, while choosing contrasting fixtures can add a touch of drama and visual interest.
  1. The Norfolk 2. The Midvale 3. The Aldridge 4. The Leanna 5. The Luella 6. The Bryson

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